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Organic Mineral Sunscreen


100% Vegan Our products are made here in Australia as completely cruelty free. Here at Clementine, we are dedicated to giving you 100% vegan and natural sunscreen, that will protect you in our Australian sun. 

Ocean Friendly Sunscreen


Our star active ingredient provides superior Broad Spectrum protection against Blue light, UVA, UVB and UVC rays. It is also an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial powerhouse and essential trace mineral that is Reef Safe, 100% photostable.

Reef Safe Sunscreen


When it comes to making products for sensitive skin - our first step is clear. 100% Organic is always the best way. Our sunscreens may be inspired by the beauty of France, but it's made here in Australia, for Australian sun. 

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Clementine Anti-Aging Sunscreen

Tinted Mineral Zinc Sunscreen

Clementine Tinted BB Cream Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
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